Beard Styling Tips

Beards throughout history have had many meanings, from having great wisdom and a higher status to more masculinity and sexual virility. Sometimes though, they have also meant the loss of class or hardship. All over the world beards have different meanings, in some eras beards were illegal or taxed on. Alexander the Great even ordered his shoulders to be clean-shaven to prevent their beards to be used as handles to hold down his men.  But since we aren’t going into battle with shields and swords here are some tips to help you style your beard.

beard trimming toolFirstly, decide if you have trust issues or not. Most people have issues with others trimming up their beard in fear of losing their beard with an accidently sneeze causing their barber to right across their face. If you prefer to remain in control on what happens to your beard purchasing professional barber’s scissors, a wide tooth comb, and a rechargeable cordless beard trimmer are highly recommended. Most trimmers have guards to protect your beard and to keep it at a length that you want it.

Now, the first step in the procedure to styling a beard is to have some facial hair grown in order to have a “stylish beard”, you should keep shaving if your hair is not yet thick enough to fill in the patches or you’ll end up looking messy and all over the place which we all know is not what you want. The more facial hair you have grown the more flexible you will be in being able to choose what you want. This way you will have room for error and mistakes and changing the style if it’s not what you thought it would turn out to be.

Second, and perhaps the most important step, is to ask yourself what sort of style you want you for your beard. Moving into the ‘cut and trim the hedge phase’ without asking yourself first will most likely lead you into confusion, frustration or a style you just really don’t want to be seen with in front of the people you are trying to impress. You want to look clean and sharp, a nicely well thought through trimmed, shaved, or styled beard will make you look confident and professional. Knowing what you want will give you confidence and clarity when the day has finally come. If you don’t already have a certain idea as to what sort of style you want right away look at how other people style their beards or just surf through magazines and the internet.

Third, after choosing the style you desire you must decide upon what type of tools you will need to undergo the procedure of obtaining the beard you so dearly want. Having the right tools for this step will secure your hopes in getting the right beard. Last thing you want to do is nick yourself or severely ruin all hopes of meeting the look you want. Especially for anyone out there that grows their facial hair extremely slow. Having the right set of tools will give your style the best look and turn some heads.